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ZINK hAppy printer with Simple Booth

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20 thoughts on “ZINK hAppy printer with Simple Booth

  1. What kind of stand are you using in this video? I would like my iPad to stand vertical like yours is in this video. Thanks!

  2. Is there any apps that you can download on an LG tablet that work with the zinc printer.this app you're talking about only works for iPads

  3. can i use the stickers for labeling my yet pea nut oil container?

  4. Which simple booth app? Regular, pro, halo or event? Thanks!

  5. Hi there. We are considering picking up a similar setup for school dances/events. Is it possible to continue taking pictures for other groups during the 52 seconds while the printer processes the image? Basically, is the setup workable while the printer is queued for other jobs?
    Thanks for your time!

  6. Hello. I bought the simple booth event edition. I also bought the happy printer. My settings on the app are different from this video. How do I change the width of the picture so it won't have white margins?

  7. Hi, what about using the Hiti P520L? If so, who's printing ap is best to use? Thx

  8. Hey can you share the picture and then print it? Or can you only do one option?

  9. What is your set up right there? How did you get the Ipad and the light to face the same way?

  10. Hello..was wondering the name of the app. I search for simple booth but can not find it. Any suggestions. Thank you

  11. I have heard the selphy canon printer jams a lot, but the cartridge to a pack of photo paper ratio is about equal. I haven't tried it, but that's what I have read. I'm interested in trying zink printer, but the most common complaint is the app does not always sync up with the printer when the app updates, or the printers come out with a new version… hm decisions decisions.

  12. Hi there,

    Does simple photo booth allow for single prints. I know that kind of defeats the purpose of a "photo booth" but I just wanted to ask.

  13. are all the papers stickers or is it a certian kind of paper?

  14. How many photos can print with the roll of paper ?

  15. This made me even want the Zink hAppy printer! Awesome review and yes, you are very funny. Thanks for the fun review!

  16. Hey all, I figured out how to print to my hAppy FROM WINDOWS using a USB cable. ZINK's website says their Windows print support is "still under development" but they are too lazy to update their site apparently!

    ZINK's mobile app is nice for doing one-off designs, but it's tedious and printing from a PC from Photoshop or Explorer is SO much easier, if you're a custom designer and don't want to be limited to their mobile tools.

    Please visit this link to get my hastily-written instructions. I've skipped over a bit, but if you're familiar with Windows 7's Control Panel and how to add printers and devices, it should get you there. ZINK has published a USB print driver to Microsoft's driver database, and that's the only way to find it.

    Looks like I can't paste links in comments, so just search for 'dangerruss things blogspot ZINK hAppy Setup on Windows 7' and hopefully you'll find my post detailing it. (Hopefully it shows up soon; I just posted.)


  18. Question.  What is the holder you are using for the iPad in your video?  i can't seem to find one that can hold the iPad in the portrait position while being able to mount a LED light at the top like in your video.  I also checked out the link you provided for all the components you use but the Makayama Movie mount can't position the iPad in portrait position and mount the light above it while in portrait position.  Please help =)

  19. does there exsit a FAST airprint printer? I bought the lantronix gizmo to use with dnp40 printer and it doesn't work. your app would be great for commercial rentals, but the slow pritner videos you make and seem to endorse are a deal breaker for me. I even tried your website suggestions of netgear genie, proxy, and oprint, they all do not work, causing distorted or no prints at all on sony 200, k60dw and ds40 pritners. perhaps you should partner with latronix and a dye sub printer manufacturer to get a fast printer going?

  20. Cute! Neat idea.

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