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Yard Sale finds October – Poster gift, camel display kiosk

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12 thoughts on “Yard Sale finds October – Poster gift, camel display kiosk

  1. When you said you were married, I had to check your age. I can't believe you're 26. Would have guessed 17. But nice picks as usual. Always enjoy seeing your finds.

  2. @vipor29 Awesome he's a really cool dude, glad to have ya

  3. @the1980gamer That's a good idea, not sure how i'm gonna do it though, looked at the slip and it's reversed on the other side, kinda like what movie posters look like to make the colors look more saturated in front of the light. I'll figure it out and let you guys see when i get done.

  4. @pwwnd111 no idea man…it's made of like glossy cardboard

  5. A Camel display case. Bizarre but really cool find.

  6. that display case is awsome, i would make a sega logo to go in the top and change the bulb to blue :o)

  7. @GreenJanuary Yea I wish they had the cases to them, but I figured what the hell, support your local game store

  8. Cool Mario Poster. Goofy movie is one of my favorites. Good deal on the Perfect dark. The gen games would be better if you got the boxes with them.

  9. @P13R4T LOL me too!

  10. @sentinelcl Yea she's the best 🙂

    I played Battletoads n DD only in a rom but not on the genesi, I'm excited!

  11. @SpinTheDemon thanks spin, i need a bigger room, haha

  12. @SkoogGaming Wow…i've seen things like that before but never that extreme. Holy crap man, i would have done the same thing

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