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Xbox One EXPOSED At Gamestop Demo Kiosk

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16 thoughts on “Xbox One EXPOSED At Gamestop Demo Kiosk

  1. TV go hard

  2. Its sad because the background is s kid playing ps4 smh & lmao at the same damn time

  3. Ps4 is way better

  4. 6969 view's, LOL

  5. wow I missed out on a good channel. I am subbing. (:

  6. HAHAHAHA "Xbox go to pornhub" OMG IM DYING!!@3:23 

  7. +CookielMonsterr a game stop guy said its not really a console its just a usb drive playing videos.

  8. +Mogi Bear ummm I have a ps4.

  9. +Mogi Bear ummm I have a ps4.


  11. Your so dumb just cause they don't have the controller out dosent mean crap

  12. @Stephon Scott are you trolling or do you really believe all the bullshit that you typed out

  13. this is not the real console  dude its just a plastic  box   also how is the xboxone a gimmick the fucking system has more games then the ps4 

  14. They have it set up just like that here

  15. They have it set up like this EVERYWHERE!!!  Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, K-Mart, and of course Gamestop.  I have a feeling after Nov. 22, they're probably going to set the controllers up.  If not, WTF?!?!

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