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Windows 8 Tip – Adding a Secondary Touch Screen Monitor Linus Tech Tips

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18 thoughts on “Windows 8 Tip – Adding a Secondary Touch Screen Monitor Linus Tech Tips

  1. How do I add a second monitor to all in one PC?

  2. Shortcut to the Tablet PC Settings: press Windows+R and enter:

    %windir%explorer.exe shell:::{80F3F1D5-FECA-45F3-BC32-752C152E456E}

  3. LTT, helping people of the future 🙂 Windows 10 – nothing changed, really.

  4. Thanks a lot!It‘s Help me so much!Thanks guy!

  5. Does this work with a laptop that isn't touchscreen as well? Trying to get a touchscreen display to hook up to my non-touch laptop and use touch on the extra monitor while using both.

  6. I just want to reach through the internet and hug you Linus! Thanks so much, it worked seemlessly!

  7. Friggin Life Saver OMG!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  8. I got it to work but now I dont have audio??? What can that be?

  9. Hi! George from Philippines, i would like to ask if that is possible to use acer as secondary monitor in my mac? Like the duet apps? Is that possible. Hope you can help me. And i want to know if the HDMI will work. Thanks!

  10. thank u. i got an acer t2 today and had the same problems with the touch inputs. not even acer could have helped me…how stupid they are^^

    thx u very much

  11. thanks for the wonderful guide love!!

  12. Worked perfect for my ELo touchscreen monitor! You are a lifesaver! and im commenting in 2016 XD

  13. Thanks this fixed my problem

  14. A few years after your video and it still helped me … Thanks a lot

  15. That intro wtf

  16. I don't have tablet setting on my windows 10

  17. Advice not helpful, dick got stuck in the microwave.

  18. I tried it but changing which monitor was primary the touch screen still linked to the same screen

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