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Windows 8.1 Build 9374 – Kiosk Mode, PC Settings, Customization + MORE

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16 thoughts on “Windows 8.1 Build 9374 – Kiosk Mode, PC Settings, Customization + MORE

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  2. I liked the first track

  3. I just installed Windows 8.1 OEM on my PC and it says Build 9600 in the lower right corner, is there any way I can remove that?

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  5. Is this still the latest leak? What the latest build? can you post the torrent url for it. Thanks. Is it true you need to pay $30 to activate it or how did you activate it?

  6. i love your voice….

  7. What does that downwards arrow do on the start screen?

  8. what did you use to record the screen when you signed out and run kiosk mode?
    please reply 😀

  9. why you put not the link for windows 8.1!!!

  10. I need to say that kiosk mode probably isn't ment to "restricting employees" but rathera a hotel or a buisness that has a public PC that random guests can use.
    So this way if somebody wants to use the internet, they can do it without messing with settings or anything else.

  11. on the final versie not!

  12. When I do this update on my desktop, do you know if I will lose Office 2013 programs or anything else I used a disc to install??

  13. What do you use to run the win 8, VM? Harddrive?

  14. Hey, shit for brains!…your wonderful OS is sinking Intel and computer companies worldwide…go play your nerd video games, the rest of us are trying to run a business.

  15. Get over you fucking Luddite.

  16. Awesome skydrive feature to automatically save to skydrive. Really Awesome!

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