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Wii U Kiosk Pickup Video!!!

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18 thoughts on “Wii U Kiosk Pickup Video!!!

  1. holy hell thats a lot of jealous dislikes

  2. BIG DEAL, you had other Kiosks and they went as cheap as Fck .

  3. Nice pick up!

  4. you make the dumbest decisions.

  5. Almost as cool as fucking your cousin.

  6. why is there a ps4 inside a wii u kiosk?

  7. That is really awesome

  8. aroon you make grate find dont not sell it!! i hate to be people when they used you. it make me heppy to see you smile:)

  9. Well some store just made room for a Nintendo Switch kiosk..

  10. Aaron you da man. Wooo!!!

  11. Aaron you really need to put some carpet down and paint the walls to your store. Appearance means a lot in customer service.

  12. keep josh away from that thing. He'll wreck it on you or somehow contaminate with roaches

  13. Daaang nice find, I need one.

  14. That's pretty cool.

  15. I wouldn't be surprised if you got it free. When retailers get new hardware kiosk, they are instructed to throw away the old kiosk. That's how I got my sony bravia and samsung TVs that I ended up giving away. You would be a fool to pay a crazy amount for this.

  16. Aaron seriously please change that monkey looking picture at the end…seriously

  17. It's the f-ing PERLERMAN !…woo

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