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Wii U kiosk and Amiibo Display

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6 thoughts on “Wii U kiosk and Amiibo Display

  1. Oh, please tell me you know how to work the controls? I got one of these tonight and I really wanna turn the volume down. Can you help me?

  2. I'm also wondering if your amiibo kiosk is mounted to the shelf or wall. Or if it is just on its own.

  3. Hey, I was wondering how you mounted it to the shelf! Did you screw the shelf into the wall or was it stable on it's own? Thanks.

  4. What state do you live in? I have a non-broken piece that'll work for yours. The monitor on this one was broken and I'm gonna be parting this kiosk out.

  5. Hey man, Sweet collection! i own both of these as well. ..I know the guy below just asked for a bunch of stuff… but.. i own one of these amiibo kiosks, and im really needing the key! it says use E41A key. A quick google of this key looks like just a standard tumbler.. is it special? should i beg you for a copy ?? Will pay. Again… badass collection!

  6. can you get a copy of the wii u and amiibo kiosk key made id even pay for it ?

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