Why Baking Is Inherently Healthier Than Frying

Whenever a published recipe says “fry”, health buffs immediately ask, can it be baked instead? People claim that baked is definitely healthier than fried, if not better tasting. This is not a fad or just a popular thing because there is a solid science behind these claims. There is no substitute to exercise but eating healthy and being smart can offset the lack of it and still bring in the benefits to the body. Let’s read on and find out why baking is better than frying.

Deep Fried Food Can Lead To Cancer and Heart Disease

Good old French Fries, onion rings, and burger patties offer little to no nutrition at all while putting you at higher risk of several health complications. When you fry food in oil, especially deep fry them, the higher temperatures involved causes the starch in the food to form AGE’s or Advanced Glycation End Products, these react with high temperatures and then form carcinogens. Although further research is needed to determine how harmful AGE’s really are, the fact remains that they are harmful. Baking requires little to no oil at all, making them the obvious healthy choice.

Baked Food

Oxidation of Oils

When oil is heated at high temperatures and then mixed with the starch of food when being fried, it can lead to the oxidation of oils. Oxidized oils can cause many possible health problems including damage to the heart, kidney, and lungs. Consuming oxidized oils can lead to high blood pressure and atherosclerosis. Frying food can have many risks and baked food considerably lowers this risk.

Fried Food Consumption Leads to Obesity and Diabetes

Fast food chains, restaurants and take out shops love fried food and they cook their deep-fried dishes in partially hydrogenated oils to increase the shelf life of these products. The partially hydrogenated oil kind of acts like a preservative if you will. Consuming these products together with this oil can lower down the effectivity of your immune system and lead to obesity and all the health complication that come along with it. Frying also increases the caloric content of any fried food by a large and considerable amount hence, the obesity danger.

The Takeaway

While some would argue that baked food may be bland and dry and tasteless, many would also counter that. Food preparation is an art and it will totally depend upon the artist, in this case, the chef, if he goes the delicious route, the healthy route or both.

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