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What’s Inside a redbox DVD rental kiosk

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17 thoughts on “What’s Inside a redbox DVD rental kiosk

  1. So fake. The real ones have a little guy inside who does everything.

  2. that's cool

  3. Sub to me I'm awesome trust me

  4. That looks cool

  5. i will tell u whats inside SCAMS FRAUD AND BLLOOOD SUCKERS…DONT DO IT !!!!!! i did it they billed me for a YEAR AND A HALF !!!!! im still fighting with them, went so far as to cancel my BANK OF AMERICA credit card and they told me i could still be billed for two or three months !!!till  it goes thru !!!

  6. Does anyone know how many DVDs these things can hold?

  7. Be careful. Redbox charged me 26 dollars for a movie they claim i had not returned. I called them and informed them i had returned the movie. They did credit my account 10 dollars, still that is 16 dollars for a movie i did return. I canceled my account. I don't trust Redbox.

  8. Finally can rest easy.

  9. Finally, I can die in peace.

  10. what happens when the Red box gets too full of movies and games?

  11. Here is a free RedBox one-day movie rental. Promo Code is JV6G66KZ. Expires September 6th, 2013. Must be used in U.S.
    I won it from McDonalds Monopoly but I live in Canada and it doesn't work out here. Enjoy for the first person to use it.

  12. can u still get the new style redbox boxes to boot to XP? :3 LOL

  13. Know I know what its guts will look like when I kill it.

  14. Netflix is cheaper, more convienant, more selection and red box breaks down too often.

  15. Better yet, a FREE-FLIXSNOW com affiliate can earn a FREE KIOSK since RedBox does not offer franchise and DVDNow costs over $20,000., perfect alternative, start for FREE, refer two, you are all through, FREE UNLIMITED Movies plus streaming and games, plus direct to home like NetFlix model, but only $2.08 per month.

  16. @wiccanmoonman Netfilx's days are numbered? XD Ya, right. Keep dreaming.

  17. "it's golden"

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