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Wendy’s Wants to Automate Stores “Because of $15/Hour Minimum Wage Increase”

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14 thoughts on “Wendy’s Wants to Automate Stores “Because of $15/Hour Minimum Wage Increase”

  1. There are already businesses that do that. Someone makes your order and serves it to you. Blaming a wage increase is just some bullshit fairytale to stall a wage increase. While in the meantime it is slowly being implemented. They are coming regardless of wages.

  2. False dichotomy: Pakman is saying that if you think the minimum wage is connected to automation, then you think automation would not have occurred otherwise.

    They're saying automation is being brought about sooner than it would have been without wage controls.

  3. David if increasing minimum wages was so easy, why not raise it to $100/hr. I think you really need to study more economic theory and put some real reasons behind your opinions. I do think something is broken with our economic system, but raising the minimum wage will not fix it.

  4. just get a forklift license!

  5. food service is brutal I wouldn't want to do it for $30 an hour

  6. Only competition lowers costs

  7. ***Notice how everyone criticizing upping the minimum isn't on minimum wage!!!! LOLOLOL TRY IT SOMETIME ASSHOLES

  8. THEN BOYCOTT WENDY'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You keep buying from a place or a product, it stays afloat.

  9. I would rather have my burger assembled by a robot than a homosexual. Disease free and no whining, lisping.

  10. Some stores like Sheetz have been using kiosks for years and they typically pay above the minimum wage.  Restaurants, stores, factories, etc. are going to bring in computers and other forms of technology regardless of what they are paying employees.  When McDonald's was paying around $3.75 per hour in the 1980's and hadn't had major wage increases for a while they were still installing labor saving equipment into stores.

  11. Looks like I will not be going to Wendy's any more. Fuck Wendy's.

  12. I don't know what you are implying about Wendy's intent to dissuade a minimum wage by Kiosk? Are you saying its a bluff? Have you looked into how much it cost to put in a kiosk as opposed to a $15 an hour wage? What if it turned out to be cheaper than a $15 minimum wage? Wouldn't that fact a lone give reasons why they would shift to that regardless how much profit they make?

    Don't get me wrong I hate these pyramids of pay scale where the owner or corporations make enough to buy an island while the low level employees can barely afford their car. It sucks but how can you mandate a minimum wage of 15 and expect a business not to do something shady to guarantee that they stay at the level they are at despite a $15 an hour mandate?

  13. okay yes the companies did have planned on replacing workers with machines but that's only because the value that these machines give them compared to trying to spend a lot more money getting new people into that field. now with the $15 minimum wage it just pushes his company's more into that direction. because in the end what matters is the overall pros and cons of both situations.

  14. You are missing the point; technology is not always cheaper. When regulations–including but not limited to minimum wage–make an employee more expensive than technology, the employee will lose.

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