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Wendy’s to introduce self-serve kiosks

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3 thoughts on “Wendy’s to introduce self-serve kiosks

  1. I work at Wendy's and I think kiosk could be a good option, but I wouldn't see it as necessarily a good thing in terms of cutting labor. If you just fire the people up front and just run orders off on a kiosk there are certain issues that are bound to arise. Then there is the issue of who is going to serve the food? Would there just be one person up front? In that case will they be able to handle their task? I know the set-up in my store is that there are two register operators and a coordinator. The person closest to the kitchen entrance is supposed to clean and stock the dining room/restroom every 15 minutes during peak periods. If you just have one person up there they aren't really going to be able to do that task without making people wait to get their order. Unless you have the sandwich maker step off their line to give people their food, but again that slows the process down significantly and risk cross contamination issues.

  2. this is not new, japan has hundreds of self serve kiosks, mostly for restaurants, faster service with minimal wait staff. and more hygienic as money does not have to change hands.

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