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Wendy’s to install self-service kiosks

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7 thoughts on “Wendy’s to install self-service kiosks

  1. Great idea! I would so use the kiosk, it can't be rude, forget to wash hands, or spit in the food. If only there were anything edible at these places, they might have something worth visiting for…

  2. Smart Bernie! Communist idiots.

  3. Trump taxes imports to encourage the us to manufacture here, thus creating more jobs. Liberals pitch fits.

    Democrats push for legislature that will cost companies more money, companies find their loophole and cut out human labor for infinitely less expensive automation. Something that obama fought for and practiced with the military for years, Liberals complain because they don't get it.

    Oh well.

  4. this was bound to happen just like newspapers will be phased out for digital media just like brick and mortar shops phased out for online shopping

  5. you fucking people are not worth 15 bucks an hour.. im glad they are phasing you losers out, it was never meant to be a fucking career

  6. I guess no one will be making $15 per hour ah. Thank you Demócratas now they will make $0 Great job you idiots do you liberals have another brilliant idea to screw the people

  7. Fuck Wendys….. come at me bro!!!

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