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  1. A question for any lurking libtards (for those that can read and write). Why can't you understand basic mathematics? Logical answers only pls.

  2. If a company will not support workers don't eat or shop there. can Kiosks pay bills or buy Products If you have Kiosks who in the hell's going to buy your Product if they have no money. workers don't work bills don't get paid. this has nothing to do with min wage, it's Greedy Fucks

  3. This should help you calm down. Please come back when you can afford a purchase. Your kids are staving. Wendy's believes no child should go hungry. You are an unfit mother. Your children will be placed in the custody of Wendy's.
    Wendy's…Fuck You, I'm Eating!

  4. So what if I had worked for $8/hr. and I busted my rear end and worked very hard by putting in the hours never calling in sick and did everything I could do to be the best employee. After five years I'm now making $15/hr. Now suddenly I'm at the bottom again and everyone who didn't do jack is getting paid as much as me. Does that seem fair at all??

  5. I wouldn't eat a burger made by a robot.

  6. can you say, shot in the foot.

  7. I don't know why the sudden hoopla about touchscreen kiosks. I remember back in the late '80s when the Sheetz chain in Western PA was using them for ordering sandwiches.

  8. $15.00 per hour is now a poverty wage thanks to our devaluated currency, and our private sector has not been able to keep up, only those associated one way or another with our pork barrel government have thrived. We're seeing the tech positions go, next it will be low to mid level management.

  9. I will no longer buy from Wendy's. And what sucks is that was the only fast food place I ate at. MC. D's lost it so long ago that I will not visit the clown at all. Burger King , won't go there never seen such s dirty kitchen in my life. Saw employes drop burgers on the floor And still send them out. Not just one here were I live but many in different states. Sonic you may or may not get what you order. With out food poisoning. My wife had it from one here Senior year in highschool. I had it about 5 years ago . My 21 year old daughter last month. All in different states different foods. We all had someone to report it to. So now with mechines you have no one to tell. you will just die. Which I believe is the master plan.

  10. So are you saying that if the minimum  wage did not increase there would not be ordering kiosks?  If the minimum wage did not increase Wendy's would still introduce kiosks and make more money.  Sheetz has had kiosks for years and they typically pay well above the minimum wage in their gas station/restaurants.  They also use old fashioned ideas such as having employees work as cashiers and cooks in their gas stations.  Aldi also pays employees or associates well above the minimum wage  but they expect employees to work as cashiers and stockers in their stores too.

  11. If the burger flipper is making $15.00 an hour. What does the skilled Apprentice Electrician, Plumber, or Printer make $25.00 an hour? Flipping burgers was my first job when I turned sixteen. It was never meant to be a job to support a family. Unless one wants to go into management and make more money. The insanity continues!

  12. So, less jobs. This was all in the plan to increase unemployment and increase the welfare roles. With no jobs, America will be on it's knees to get it's food stamps, unemployment and disability!

  13. I am reelin'! I hope these fucktards who work at these places are scared. And I hope they are all fired! FIRED! Damn fat assed Communist pussies! Don't you DARE apply where I work!

  14. Amazing how many "conservative" people on here taking the bait without using something as simple as their own common sense. C'mon yall think for yourselves. The news here is that Wendy's is implementing robots to save on labor. Don't let someone else give you the reasons behind it as if fact. What, are the robots gonna work for $4.50 per hour? LOL. The war here isn't the one yall fighting. Those minimum wage employees are simply trying to keep up with inflation before they are reduced to simple slave labor. Shoot, 20 years ago, mechanics, plumbers, and other blue collar workers supported whole families on 40 hr work weeks. I was paying tuition on a waiter salary. Just 20 years ago! Now a minimal 40 hr work week can't even cover an individual's bare necessities (rent, food, clothes). So try to pay attention to whats really going on, instead of fighting battles yall are unwittingly steered into like sheep. Where is our money going to???? Trust me, it ain't Tyrone.

  15. How is the end of fast crap food a bad thing.

  16. I was always told unskilled labor the school system didn't give you the basic jobs skills no there buddy goes to college

  17. minimum wage is a STUPID idea in the first place.

  18. you can do it 15 doller lol

  19. thanks:)

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