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Watch this before you buy that New Age Steam Iron at the Mall

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20 thoughts on “Watch this before you buy that New Age Steam Iron at the Mall

  1. Its crap, waste of money.

  2. The Lori Greiner Steam Iron is so much better than that one.

  3. The Lori Greiner Steam Iron is so much better than that one.

  4. I bought one and it sucked. If you notice the clothes that they use are very worn out none stiff clothing that returns to its unwrinkled shape very easily. they basically tie the clothes back up into a knot for 5 minutes for the next sucker. complete scam.

  5. I think you were not using properly, that's why it wasn't taking the wrinkles away. You have to move it horizontally right to left, left to right. Anyway I think it's normal that the old school irons better. The new one is more likely for travel.

  6. Are you kidding me? Is this a joke? What did this woman had in mind when she bought that toy? That looks like a toy. Jeeez !!!

  7. the steam iron needs to upright when using not flat

  8. No wonder that you don't like to iron, you have no clue.
    Buy an ironing board an learn how to iron.

  9. Why every box with iron is open in stores?

  10. You're not using it properly. You have to add salt to the water with every refill. Plus you cannot lay clothes down. It's a STEAMER, not an iron. When you lay the iron down you enable to safety feature (it shuts off when laid down). Hope that helps. ~RetroSimplyCurly

  11. get rid of that old iron of yours! and please compare apples with apples. Go buy the german Rowenta iron and it will blow your old school back to kindergarten. your iron is terrible and no better than that small crappy one you're trying to compare it with. That little crappie iron you bought is not indicative of a modern iron neither. It was made for people that can't afford anything else. Sorry, but you should just delete this whole "review" all together. It's silly

  12. She's not using it correctly. it's a steamer not an iron. you don't use it the way you would use a regular iron

  13. I think all the people who are blaming here that it's here fault that she doesn't know how to use it are people who work for that compagny, they are all worried that someone is exposing them that there product is garbage and they are going to loose sales. Most likely there boss said to go and fill here commants section. You can actually see in the video it's not ironing well.

  14. i don't know what you were trying to show… couldn't watch the lengthy video to find out.

    but let me tell you that your old iron has more wattage and surface area, so it'll be faster to use.

    your new iron has more moving parts and it'll break down much sooner.

  15. That's because the mall steamer is not really a steamer. It is a vaporizer. It releases vapor. There is a big difference.

  16. You have been scammed!!

  17. Ive got loads of clothes you can try ure iron on

  18. With mine, I use salt every time. It works fine. It also doesn't blow as much steam when you hold it like a regular iron. It also helps to pull the clothing tight so the steam can work out the wrinkles. They don't just fall out.

  19. i just bought one for 49$ and it blows off a lot of steam it looks similar to the one you have except on mine i had to add 3 scoops of salt because it apparently creates way more steam and it works pretty good im a marine so i travel a lot and this is very portable and keeps my uniforms looking sharp!

  20. this steam iron is a scam. I just purchased one from the spa moana shopping mall in honolulu. the demo was quick, convincing & all I had to do was register online and I won't have a problem because I will have a lifetime guarantee for any problem; just register on line. now I am stuck with this defective item that does not iron but blows off alot of steam. I suggest strongly: do not but this steam deal iron from any kiosk! it's full of it! now I'm waiting for the bbb' a response because I can't get my money back.'

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