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Watch Dogs 2 | Customisation & Clothes Stores

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13 thoughts on “Watch Dogs 2 | Customisation & Clothes Stores

  1. u can change everything except that fuckin skinny jeans

  2. Can you put a mask on?

  3. Great customization but wished for also Chains, Watches and Earstuds

  4. why can't you wear tops under the sleeveless leather jackets ¿?

  5. how do you get the doge shirt

  6. Where can u find the Stache & Vine shop? I have literally looked everywhere can cannot find it plz help!!

  7. Do u know if there is any way I could get the regular glasses from the very beginning of the game

  8. Can we change skin in Watch Dogs 2????

  9. How do you unequip sunglasses??

  10. his person fucked up

  11. I would rather play as Wrench and never change clothes. This one looks like crap no matter what he wears.

  12. dude you spelt customization wrong (i still love your vids though ) but you spelt it wrong twice

  13. vale la ropa de este juego mola mucho

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