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Walmart just built a giant vending machine for groceries

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14 thoughts on “Walmart just built a giant vending machine for groceries

  1. I would like to see how it works on the inside.

  2. There goes jobs lmao

  3. "Buy your produce & meat without seeing how it looks before you pay!" Yeah no thanks, I'll go to a real grocery store.

  4. with fewer employees needed…?
    Co fah-Qurself Walmart!

  5. I dont understand why everyone is bitching about the machine taking people's jobs… Who do u think is bagging up the groceries & stocking the machines?! Its not just generating food out of thin air like some StarTrek replicator.

    Not to mention the jobs that will be created to maintain, repair, and reprogram the kiosks. I'd rather my business support someone with some kind of education (even if merely technical) rather than support the recovering, ex-stripper, sex-offender, drunken grandmas & general shit for brains that man the cash resisters.

  6. it should ship to your house

  7. this is what i thought is going to change the game most people after working their 40 hours weeks 8 hour days just dont want to go grocery shopping for 2-3 hours … same thing thats happening in the resturant business is happens to food marts

  8. This is simply awesome, however somethings may come at a cost. What about all of the workers that will be laid off and be replaced by a machine? More people will be unemployed on foodstamps/welfare because of Walmart.

  9. They stole this idea from Kroger!

  10. Both the employee & the customer look too happy to be going to pick up groceries

  11. We have had this in Australia for several years now. Coles (one of our two major supermarkets) have lockers at partnered service stations that allow you to order online then go and pick up your order when it gets delivered. It's been a great service for people I know who work nights or for people who find it hard to travel to the shops. We also have home delivery options.

  12. That is awesome

  13. Haha suck uh my junk wallmart ain't taking my money you cucks!

  14. nice music very sophisticated

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