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Virtual Credit Card – Paymaya Philippines

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15 thoughts on “Virtual Credit Card – Paymaya Philippines

  1. If you have any questions, check out the full Paymaya FAQ video –

  2. Gadget ADDICT… where can i buy pay maya phyisical card?

  3. I'm a kid. and idk what to fill up in this "House no. /….." and "additional address info." can you tell me what is this? and give me an example.

  4. how to get pin

  5. can I use paymaya to buy games on steam?

  6. Can you use this on any psn

  7. Are there pre-authorization charges for subscribing to Netflix through a PayMaya virtual credit card?

  8. Where do you find your security code?

  9. how can u call it as credit card?u cant use it when there's no load! credit is credit!

  10. Hey bro does this has any fees from within please let me know thanks

  11. Bkit po ayaw tanggapin ung zip code na.nilalagay ko?

  12. Can I ask… I need 40 USD to buy from aliexpress… how much php should i load?

  13. Can a kid use paymaya ? like 12 yrs old ? cuz im willing to buy on my game cuz i graduated like march 30..? will i get arrested for using this.. ?

  14. is this can be used at the lazada online to. pls reply to my answer.

  15. I have a paymaya card

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