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Video Looper App for iPad and iPhone – ArmorActive

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3 thoughts on “Video Looper App for iPad and iPhone – ArmorActive

  1. Lmao 666 subs

  2. FUCK YOU, Apple, all I have is your Ipad1 and I can't download this anymore because it only runs up to 5.something, I mean, it's just an app to do something the ipad SHOULD already do, what a way to fuck the customers, apple, you greedy demons, is it that much to ask to LOOP a single video? We can send people to the space, land probes on asteroids, have the power to wipe the human race but "Looping a video in an ipad?" OH NO, THAT'S TO MUCH! FUck you again, it's either sucking your dick or jailbreaking my ipad to do this, THIS is why piracy exists too.

  3. How do I add more videos? Once I use the 7 finger to unlock the first time, how do I get to the menu section after that?

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