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VIDEO GAME KIOSKS – Extreme Game Collecting!

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19 thoughts on “VIDEO GAME KIOSKS – Extreme Game Collecting!

  1. must have a killer security system

  2. I'm only 13, but I still remember when stores still had kiosks… I used to play Driver: San Fransisco on the Xbox 360, and San Andreas on the PS2 both at my local Walmart… Good times

  3. I never knew people collected "KIOSKS". Great segmant

  4. you have the greatest wife ever

  5. lol dude has one of the best collections ever there for is the man. but myyy godddd is he awkward as fuck hahaha him just standing there with shis arms straight down by his sides is fucking hilarious hahaha

  6. i dont even know the meaning of kiosk anyyyymore

  7. No SNES kiosk? 🙁

  8. Wow, two kiosks for $200? That seems like an absolute steal to me.

  9. i still have like emotional ptsd from the pokemon snap kiosk. i was obsessed with the one at my blockbuster and one day my mom caved and bought me one of the special cards (the pikachu one) and said when we came back to return our movies in a week i could bring our copy of pokemon snap so i could get stickers. to an 8 year old obsessed with pokemon this was like the second coming…

    a week later, the kiosk was gone. i never got my stickers. i still have the card. i'm tasting the salt of my own tears to this day.

  10. I hope to be as legendary as these guys one day. But Kiosks… I'm not a madman.

  11. Amazing collection. I only own PSP double sided shelf and PS2 demo kiosk. Wish I could afford Xbox ones or Dreamcast. Getting replacement parts has been lil bit too hard tho :/

  12. Extreme video game collecting but every time he says "KIOSK" it speeds up.

  13. More like extremely boring and lame collecting.

  14. has his Xbox 360 kiosk ever red ringed?

  15. is that how americans spell kiosk?

  16. I'm gonna start calling arround to different GameStops to ask if they still have and are getting rid of their Wii U kiosks soon, but I feel like it might be a bit late for that one..

  17. 2 minutes into the video and kiosk doesn't sound like a word anymore

  18. Did anyone count the word "Kiosk" in this video? Somehow it's like in Forrest Gump with shrimps….

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