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Verint Spy System in Sydney Rail – CONFIRMED June 2009

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9 thoughts on “Verint Spy System in Sydney Rail – CONFIRMED June 2009

  1. The Verint solution is excellent !

  2. This is a stupid video & Steven Johnson the reporter only needed to ask an Installer if  it's likely a gov dept would connect the cctv system to the internet.
    If you know anything about security you would know the answer is NO.

    Any person paying the money for Verint is serious about security. We installed a Verint  system for a company that is world wide the cost was $109K just for the NVR and encoders no cameras. You will not find Verint on ebay LOL

    Seriously we might get around Sydney's CBD by kangaroo, but we are that stupid to install a few Million $ CCTV system and then connect a RJ45 connector to the internet. I hope that helps answer if the Israeli Gov is spying on NSW train commuters.

  3. You are a blithering idiot. You obviously have zero idea what you are speaking about… I hope your conspiracy theory delusions serve you well.

  4. Wow.What you can find out if you know what to ask.
    Nothing against Israel's citizens ,but like the U.S , your government is pretty ficked up.
    Not to be trusted. I appreciate that some know their capabilities and share their findings.
    The long suffering Palestinian people , deserve to inherit the earth.

  5. Wasn't that just a kitchen fire?

  6. You people are just merely Gelous, that a small country like Israel can acheave so much in such a short span of time.
    What a B.S!

  7. This is the Largest Load of Hot Air. Simply put Bull Shit.
    With respect of course.
    Of Course.

  8. oh gawd!! and they think that technology is soo sophisticated ROFLMAO!!!!

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