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Using the Mcdonalds self serve kiosk!

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5 thoughts on “Using the Mcdonalds self serve kiosk!

  1. What a ridiculous gimmick! By the time I've scrolled up and down to find the product I want, I could have just gone to the counter and ordered verbally from the counter assistant. Absolutely stupid, and change for the sake of it.

  2. i stopped eating there all together. screw em'………

  3. 1. I'll never be able to figure this out. 2. What about the 20 people behind me screaming "hurry up!" Our restaurants have only one kiosk and one cashier. It's gonna be a mess!

  4. Pretty cool but takes entirely too much time than just saying, can I get a number 1, no pickles with a Coke! 😉 Where is this by the way?

  5. that is so cool the one i go to does not have it because it's in a highway rest stop

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