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Urban Exploration: House, Kiosk, Saw..Too Much Stuff!!! Part.1

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15 thoughts on “Urban Exploration: House, Kiosk, Saw..Too Much Stuff!!! Part.1

  1. LOl your crazy 🙂 in a nice way 🙂 🙂 xx

  2. Like the video, and yes, you are so fun to watch. I liked the blue couch. It looked so retro. Very nicely done. Thanks for my trip to Finland!

  3. you should always put the stuff back the way they where because if someone own these places they will know someone went by for exemple the red plank of wood bloking the door from opening someone place it like that for sure to prevent any animals to get trought i bet..

  4. interesting video buddy i subscribing and likes your videos for sure.

  5. We have birch trees in Ukraine. Nice accent, lad ))

  6. Oooo…blue door! Lol. Love your endings! And…you speak English very well!

  7. I love this guy.

  8. I live in New Hampshire USA and have 3 White Birch trees in my front yard. Gray birch and pines all around. How much snow do you get in Finland? By spring I'm usually up to my eyeballs. Loving your videos and your relaxed manner. Please don't change a thing.

  9. May I ask, where is the accent from sexy!!!!!!

  10. very cool! check my channel for another video of urban Exploration and haunted asylum! respect from ITALY

  11. Excellent Posting and glad to sub to your channel Janne

  12. Do you know the dudeson's?

  13. wheres part 2..??


  15. handsome Explorer with a red beard

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