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Updating PS Vita Kiosk/Demo System Software

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9 thoughts on “Updating PS Vita Kiosk/Demo System Software

  1. i love it how CoD was blurred out

  2. What Is "Demo Mode " ???

  3. Hello. Is it possible to use remote play function with PS4? Please confirm or deny. Thanks in advance.

  4. Is there anyway to completely remove demo mode? I have one but it is annoying how it restarts every 5 minutes

  5. even if you disable demo mode does it still restart every 5 min? 

  6. Nice video, what extra stuff can you do with a kiosk vita? Is it worth buying one?

  7. Hey im having trouble on deciding whether to buy the assasins creed liberation bundle or the borderlands 2 bundle or should i wait for a psvita 3000? is the white vita 1000 better?

  8. Nice video! 😀

  9. i can see that you are making the new videos gen there GREAT 😀

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