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Unwelcome Visitors

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12 thoughts on “Unwelcome Visitors

  1. who's doing the closing song?

  2. I've had an experience with this Grim Reaper entity 15 years ago when I was walking home from High School. Where shall I send the story?


  4. All that salt can't be good for you, fellas. I don't want you hurt! 🙁

  5. You guys are great always enjoy your shows and pretty lights love the music. this episode like so many others was interesting, always enjoy stories of the bigfoot, paranormal and stories that are unexplainable. Thank you so much!

  6. Is there a way to properly contact with you guys? I have a personal paranormal story I'd love to share, and I tried Farley recently, but I never received a reply. Possibly because it wasn't the right place to send? Anywho. Hope to hear back from you guys, soon. Love your show

  7. the only thing strange about this story is how did the Bigfoot let them build up this town first then re-act later

  8. The Frighteners

  9. Using the cold water only on the shower is a great idea I think it works.

  10. That flying red faced bird that buddy saw was me btw, sorry to cause any confusion……

  11. Fillet steak is literally the greatest cut of meat there is boys!!!! Just look at the price!!! LOL but ooohhhh ssooooo worth it!!!!!!!!!   Eat it with fried in butter and salt asparagus and green onions too. Maybe some taters too….and you've got the best meal there is boys!!!!!!

  12. Michael J Fox was in "The Frighteners" not "The Fratners." What's a fratner anyway?

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