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Unboxing My Ultimate McDonald’s Burger…

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11 thoughts on “Unboxing My Ultimate McDonald’s Burger…

  1. Why the fuck everyone saw Zach king in that hidden spot and no fucking one saw Zack Efron at 2:50 ??????????????? am i trippin' ?

  2. They finally have one of these where I live

  3. if they bring this tech to Britain… I'll do the same as this… AND FINISH IT!

  4. 2:51 was that jack???

  5. guyz watch Zach king on 0.31 seconds behind the ordering​ machine

  6. We have had that in one year in Sweden

  7. I thought the machine was gonna make the burger on the spot, this isn't nearly as cool.

  8. Sooooooo u just kicked out everybody st McDonalds to eat a burger

    Jk love you

  9. this shit doesent exist in my country.

  10. What exactly is the point of the puck for wireless charging since the puck is still attached. You also can't move your phone off the charging area. Maybe they should rethink this…

  11. you do know u can do that at any mcdicks

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