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  1. and i like the golden in the middle and black and blue

  2. i like the ninga star and the big golden one

  3. Want A free fidget spinner come subscribe to me and comment down below I subscribed and I will respond

  4. like si te asustaste cuando el principio

  5. can i have one so cool

  6. 4:16 when you see your ex and your with your new partner

  7. wow she is a good singer… probally not the best place for one either way

  8. r.i.p me for headphones R.I.P HEADPHONE USERS!

  9. hey guys yall are awsome

  10. I watched this video 7times and it won't get boring xD

  11. I like the first fidget spinner your dad tried. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. this is to expensiv

  13. Yes it is been from school but I still take it I secretly take it so does my friend

  14. 0:22 the voice behind zarya

  15. Essa menina tem deb loide ela so canta porra

  16. im a kid and i have a fidget spinner that is quiet so smooth and in glows and it has bluetooth

  17. Tudo bando de rico ._.

  18. The girl looks like a magikarp

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