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Tutorial WPF Application (C#) | Step By Step Guide(Basics) | Part 1

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13 thoughts on “Tutorial WPF Application (C#) | Step By Step Guide(Basics) | Part 1

  1. Thank you, it's easier then I thought.

  2. My text isn't changing. I tried to use left mouse button up

  3. I wish I learned this when I was like 12 would've had so much fun haha

  4. No, no no! I think it is terrible to show beginners they can just drag the control around the canvas and have it auto-set the margin to where they want it. This is not at all the way you should design an application in WPF and specially not a way you should show beginners. You did very well explaining things, but to me the dragging is a big no-no.

    drag-n-drop is something you do in WinForms and if you are using WPF then you should NOT treat it like WinForms. If you want to learn WPF you need to learn xaml the right way, otherwise stick to WinForms.

    Again, a good video so don't take this criticism too harshly. It's just dragging and dropping in WPF is a big issue I can't stand.

  5. Thanks for your excellent work!

  6. Really Appreciate you work !!

  7. good stuff old m8, explained well and i was able to do everything you did quickly and easily i r8 8/8

  8. I know this is very late but I just started with WPF and I couldnt have found a better youtube channel! Great videos! 😀

  9. excellent video! I used to be a dreamweaver fan but once i got VS it changed my opinion rather quickly.

  10. Recently I've watched a lot of tutorials on the subject of coding and I would like to compliment you on your teaching style. A lot of tutorials are titled for beginners or step by step and yet they are far from step by step, they vaguely describe what they are actually doing "step-by-step". In coding specifically, when you're a beginner or "noob" every little step needs to be explained even though it might seem self-describing to the tutorial creator. So, thanks for the great tutorial!

  11. excellent for the beginning!!!

  12. Great … waiting for more tutorials

  13. Really appreciate this. Just started using XAML because of a requirement on a work project and this has really been guiding me in the right directions.

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