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Tutorial How to Set up DSLR camera to work with Social Photo Booth program

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9 thoughts on “Tutorial How to Set up DSLR camera to work with Social Photo Booth program

  1. Hi I'm Emmanuel, my live view from my pic software is dark on Manual mode but brighter on Auto mode. Why is that.

  2. Hi i have the Canon T5 Rebel, i want to use sparkbooth, but my pc doesn´t detect my camera, is conected via USB on a windows 10 PC, please help 🙁

  3. dump settings

  4. 800-1600 with flash…really high! Should be 100 maybe one stop more but that's it.

  5. does anyone has a better more elegant way to do it

  6. My external flash (Neewer® 200W 5600K Bowens Mount Photo Studio Flash Speedlite Strobe Light Monolight) don't work when i unplug camera off the pc what im doing wrong? is the camara setting the software or the flash

  7. 800-1600 iso…???
    Obviously not using flash gear then.

  8. can you tell me what hot shoe to use? i am going to use the same camera on your video. Im stuck betwen tf 325 and tf 321 not sure which to use with a sync cable to a flash strobe. Thanks in advance

  9. if you're on a tripod you can go with a slower shutter speed, with that you can also go with a lower aperture AND a lower ISO, giving you better quality in your image. You can get away with 5.6 and still get everyone in focus. you can probably get away with 1/50th of a second. Bringing down your ISO will give you a better quality picture.

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