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Tricks to Use to Pass an Emissions Test Every time – How to Pass an Emissions Test

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14 thoughts on “Tricks to Use to Pass an Emissions Test Every time – How to Pass an Emissions Test

  1. great video, but I wish you knew just a little bit more about cars and emissions testing.

  2. It looks like somebody has been washing their Toyota Camry with dishwashing liquid.

  3. The premium fuel comment is erroneous

  4. Premium fuel in a low compression engine will not burn cleaner. It is less volatile and is harder to ignite so without the higher heat from increased compression. Unless your car calls for premium you will get an incomplete burn which will increase your emissions.

  5. Are older cars checked differently? I have a 1986 Nissan 720

  6. to pass easy ? just keep up with the maintenance. cars like humans if u get sick u see a doctor.. some people only open the hood or check under the car once a year or after they get stuck

  7. I came across a website where it was said that even if you use a shut off the Engine light with these scanners the car will still fail Emissions. Is this true. I have a question Ratchets will the Maxi scan code reader work when diagnosing all Emission issues? Your video is very informative.

  8. Premium gas is NOT cleaner only has more aromatic triple bond hydrocarbons which when broken release more energy,providing your engine has the compression to break those bonds. One other tip add heet to the fuel. Heet is methanol which has oxygen on the molecule. This helps a more complete combustion at the very least adds more oxygen out the tailpipe dilluting hc.

  9. do I reset check light before?

  10. why does a transmission code be a failed emissions when it has nothing to do with emissions??????

  11. Do you recommend an engine treatment before?

  12. I'm trying to pass a 94 camry does the OBD scanner work with a 94 camry?

  13. I have 2000 VW vr6 ,I brought that last year in New York, but the inspection is pass due, I was so heard ache because the engine light is on also ABS also on,but I check it ,but is nothing wrong with the break. I did follow your direction, but won't help, the lights is keep on! so what should I do? is anybody help ! I'll be much appreciated!

  14. Thank you for your advices, i applied them on my old Russian car and i passed the emission test.

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