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Touchscreen Smart Mirror

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17 thoughts on “Touchscreen Smart Mirror

  1. Not to sound like a douche or anything but uhh…..what's the point of this????

  2. Are you going to make a video on explaining the stuff inside (and/or) how to make a mirror like this, and are you going to put the code online?

  3. Poor John 🙁

  4. Damn I would love one of those mirrors.

  5. I want voice control and gesture recognition, because I am not too keen on touching a mirror.

  6. wonderful bro its brilliant

  7. you need to create music app

  8. what if you install this product on the tub shower walls. it would be amaZimg

  9. send me the soft ware u made

  10. marry me haha wow.. You put some thought into this. I am totally amazed by your talent. I have seen some smart mirrors but this one I liked it the best

  11. Fingerprints….

  12. wow its impressible , I love inventions ummmaaaaaa

  13. I bet John is pissed off

  14. Hi, I sent you a PM.  I'd be very interested in having a short discussion about coding and engineering on a glass related project.

  15. How can I buy one of these?

  16. this is an amazing project. I would love to build this for my pad, any chance you're sharing?

  17. real life scenario :
    "shit, im late"
    reddit notification
    an hour later
    "yeah im feeling quite sick, can i take a day off ?"

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