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Top 6 Best Food Courts in Singapore

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10 thoughts on “Top 6 Best Food Courts in Singapore

  1. nice vlogs.. subscribed

  2. Great info,looking forward to the food.Going to the UK in Oct via Sin & then back for stopover!Cheers:):)

  3. can you go to the place known as "4 floors of whores"?

  4. Find your videos very useful! We are hoping to go to Singapore for a week. We love food courts because it's only really me in my family that likes heat! The compromise for letting me visit is that they get air-con to eat in. So this is a great video for me to use in my 'selling Singapore' to my family compilation!

  5. It call fry rice noodles not rice cake thank you good video enjoy your foods while you there .

  6. OH MY GOD!! I saw my self!!!!!!!!??????in the first part

  7. I'm sorry, my hearing is bad, but did you say "nice and sour, makes you F**k her …"?

  8. Do these food court stalls take credit card payment?

  9. Really glad to see these recommendations! Hit me up the next time you visit Singapore and interested to try some delicious best taste for price food in restaurants!

  10. Oh man, air con food courts cannot compete with the traditional ones in pricing and taste.

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