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TL2 internet kiosk in action

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One thought on “TL2 internet kiosk in action

  1.  why? isn't their a internet kiosk around where i live? or in Newcastle or lake macquarie in nsw Australia area it's all the way down Erina and Sydney Wollongong and gold coast in city area. their was an internet cafe called Chatterbox in Belmont but closed down it's not just good things come to and end it's the convenience to get their and the distance it takes and the time  it when 18 hrs a day 7 days a week- only been their a few times. i could of played psn and used their play station network and PC games or mine the using psn without me connect their i used their card something like that or my card for psn. where used to be at mount Hutton always moving further away from my region and areas i can get to it but should be a kiosk in Hamilton but coming home at night or daylight savings and standard time-

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