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Things To Do Puerto Rico Ultimate 7 Day Guide To Adventure HD

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17 thoughts on “Things To Do Puerto Rico Ultimate 7 Day Guide To Adventure HD

  1. I heard by people locals and visitors that Puerto Rico roads are no the best to drive.

  2. Nice video guys! Thumbs down????? We know who you are. Who else?

  3. Good video! A group of my friends also made a trip to puerto rico and filmed it! We were able to capture some really awesome footage at some of the most adventurous attractions.

  4. Nice good video thanks for share!!

  5. @Whatever_928 the waterfall is La Planta Waterfall.
    thanks for watching.

  6. At 4:03 where is that. What water fall is that ?

  7. This is good. Most tourists stay only in San Juan. At least you guys ventured into the places that locals hang out.

  8. Your a dumb ass

  9. Beautiful in most ares like the beachs and resorts, but man is it slummy everywhere else. Go to Culebra if you get the chance, much better than the main island.

  10. круто!!! Cool video !!!

  11. dummies

  12. Jesus loves you! He made this place for you and He desires for you to follow Him!

  13. No borquia mamis with onion bootys?

  14. I think you guys did just fine. I think that the only dud was the Arecibo Observatory. For further information on your next trip check out A great source of information . For your next trip check out El Faro de Cabo Rojo, a Rio Tanama Tour, South El Yunque Tour, Toro Verde, Cueva del Indio in Arecibo, Canon de San Cristobal Tour, Las Tinajas in Ceiba, Cabezas de San Juan, Mosquito Bay (BioBay) in Vieques, Las Paylas in Luquillo, Cuevas Arenales in Vega Baja, Mount Britton Tower and Juan Diego Falls in El Yunque.

  15. nice video

  16. This is an awesome guide. 🙂

  17. awsome upload man I'm going in 4 weeks I think I'll retrace some of your guys steps !! thanks bro

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