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The Results of using Kiosk Firmware on PS3

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20 thoughts on “The Results of using Kiosk Firmware on PS3

  1. (0000 or 9999 or 1234 or 1111) 0000 – Worked for me buddy 

  2. Hover over security settings the press L1 R1 SELECT SQUARE at the same time and the code are either [9015] [0000] [0611] [4801] [6258].

  3. Upgrade to CFW.

  4. in helped me get 10th prestige

  5. bypass? in what way?

  6. Theres no jailbreak for 4.46? Kiosk is fake it just bypasses mw2

    Go on Secruity Setting and PRESS AND HOLD: L1,R1,select,square , than enter 0000
    Than you have Jailbreak and the demo version is removed

  8. are there any pkg for 4.46?

  9. umm this is Glitchyjoey CTF?

  10. LOL Ur Funny Bro I Subbed

  11. i can help you if he will release his finally update saturday 😉

  12. can you help me to revert to retail. I'm on 4.20 and everytime I try to do that, the ps3 says that I already have that version of firmware and there is no need to update.
    I'm starting to get scared. Can somebody help me please???

  13. hey bro message me i have a few questions

  14. Can we play PSN PKG Full games with this? If so, Is it as easy as downloading the PKG and installing it and having the full game?

  15. Did you make sure you updated it through media, not through menu like you used for the OFW

  16. I did unlock my system, its in the video.

  17. It was worth a try!XD

  18. Hey, I have put a link to the normal retail mode in the description.

  19. lmfao u thought u could run signed 3.55 comgenies on 4.11 demo?! LMFAO FaiL

  20. Well some one needs to make one for 4.11 🙁 to bad no one can. rite now

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