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The Pokemon Snap Station Blockbuster Kiosk Live Demonstration: DGS Episode 1

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13 thoughts on “The Pokemon Snap Station Blockbuster Kiosk Live Demonstration: DGS Episode 1

  1. Ah Pokemon Go of the 90s'!
    Play at home and head to the Blockbuster.
    I was watching BrightSunFilms: Abandoned series on Blockbuster and I just remember this.

  2. Dope Video man, so I know I am about 2 years late here but I just got one of these beautiful pieces of 90's history and had a quick question you'd might be able to help me out with. So the guy who shipped it out to me disassembled it a bit in order to make it easier to ship. He just took apart the legs of it so now I have to reattach them. Only problem is that it is a really tight space to get in there and tighten screws, did you ever by any chance have to do this? Thanks man!

  3. Very cool. 😀
    May I ask some questions:
    1. Would it be possible to find replacement paper/ink?
    2. Do the cards need to be new or can they be used with no issue?

  4. How did you get this?

  5. Fantastic video. I miss Blockbuster…

  6. It looks like a pretty neat thing just pitty that 1.) I never likely get to own one of these beasts & 2.) I never got to used one while they were around when Toys r Us had them.
    Yes us Aussies had Toys r us having these machines not Blockbusters.

    Anyway looking at this vid it appears that this machine internals are a weirdly setup botch job of sorts, even when it appears it didn't need it.

    The double game pak setup I can understand yet I still not too sure in regards to the printer.

    I would haved assume that Nintendo would have used the Ext port underneath the N64 to interface the printer via a custom parallel yet this shows it uses the slower controller port instead.

    Also I noticed when you okay-ed the print job I noticed the screen flicker as it it switched video source.
    I'm trying to figure out why that is & if this second video source is the Printer or some other device?

    Also what ever the second source is it appears to also have the N64 video bypassed thru it which if thats the case it would make the switching a bit redundant.

    If I had this I would probably try to play arounf with all the video connections including hooking up a second display & try to figure out how this weird system works.

    Anyway this is a beat insight into this device & I wish I have one & the room to have it.

  7. Animal crossing music ftw

  8. If your running out of printer paper, be sure to contact ProJared or atelierheidi (they'd love to see this thing)

  9. I'd have preferred to get four full-sized photographs printed rather than sixteen stickers, to be honest, but it's a neat concept otherwise.

  10. SO MUCH NOSTALGIA! Also came here cause of Grumpcade! 😀

  11. I know this is a year later, but would you know how to fix what's causing the printer error light blinking?

  12. Thanks for remaking this video in HD 🙂

  13. Thanks.

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