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The Piano Guys Behind ThePianoGuys

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17 thoughts on “The Piano Guys Behind ThePianoGuys

  1. haha love the piano guys

  2. I love how the new guy is named Howard Wolowitz like from the big bang theory!! also who came up with that Idea cause who ever did deserves a clap and a half!

  3. I love that you used Howard wolowitz as a character. big bang theory

  4. the faces of sadness

  5. I like your videos

  6. But what if this is true ?

  7. Oh, crud

  8. piano guys and studio c, great!

  9. I showed this to my orchestra class when we were learning about today's classical music and we tallied about the piano guys, now they're all addicted 2 u guys, I showed them the Linsey sterling one too

  10. Did anyone notice James name is Howard Wolowitz from Big Bang theroy

  11. I'd want the dragon duel though. While playing the piano.

  12. someone sees howard wolowitz ?

  13. thank you for the laughter!


  15. whats the song at the intro?

  16. Stacy was the best in the sketch

  17. I love your music…

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