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The McDonald’s self-service kiosk

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19 thoughts on “The McDonald’s self-service kiosk

  1. that burger actually looked way better than most mcdonalds squooshed food

  2. People are gonna be stealing those lil french fry baskets for sure

  3. What city is this in ???

  4. We have these in Kuwait from a long time ago.

  5. I don't eat McDonald's so I don't give a fuck

  6. same nasty food

  7. I live in Australia and I love this. Love making my own burger. I always go with grilled chicken breast, sauteed mushrooms, lettuce, the regular mac sauce and bacon in a brioche bun. If I'm feeling extra hungry and wanting a bit of crunch in my burger I add some corn chips too, the plain ones that you use in nachos.

    I have lived in the same town for half my life and I've never seen the mcdonalds' in my area reduce the numbers of their employees, not even when the kiosks came. The kiosks just works so well for me. I always gets anxious infront of strangers especially in public when I have to pay for things.

  8. I love it. I don't eat fast food but I hope these kiosks end up everywhere.

  9. This would cut down on incorrect orders, hopefully!

  10. Wow, a Fast Food restaurant that ISN'T FAST! GREAT!



  12. I didn't eat McDonald's before, definitely won't now.

  13. YAY!! finally no more ordering from someone who is always in a bad mood behind the counter! 🙂

  14. I used the kiosks in Spain, very efficient.

  15. Idiot liberals who supported the $15 minimum wage are now gonna be responsible for destroying 1000s of jobs. Good job libs, you morons.

  16. This has been in Australia for like 2 years now

  17. My body is ready

  18. already saw this Milan, Italy

  19. Actually we have this already since probably a half year in most McDonald places here in Switzerland. And it is surprisingly very easy and quick to use. At first attitude was a bit negative about this, but now it is the way we do the orders – even if there is no queue awaiting in front of a cash register.

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