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The Dead Sea Kiosk

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10 thoughts on “The Dead Sea Kiosk

  1. Was it comfortable down there?

  2. Where did you disapear to? 12 days and then nothing I am having Roc withdrawl:(

  3. You look a lot like Nutcheese from this camera angle with that dark shirt on. Do you know who she is? Anyway you look great. I like the new video locations. I am off to see The Dead Sea video. I have never seen this here in my area.

  4. Hi Roc!!! Great to see you in such new and creative places! :0)
    Dead Sea kiosk? Don't think we have one of those. Are they the ones that try to sell the fancy hair straighteners?
    No, Roc, you are NOT boring! Never! And I love seeing you every day! I need to try a VEDFAD-M2. LOL :0)
    I am off to watch Chris. And I adore Ran. Both such great people.

  5. i also think it is WONDERFUL to meet people on youtube!!


  6. My life isn't shallow or boring. I tube because I want to share my life with others.
    Even though I do admit, my life is incredibly NORMAL.
    Some people's vids…I find just weird.
    But weird is from perspective, right?

  7. those dead sea people are the worst. i worked next to one of their kiosks for a long time and every stinkin day they pestered me to purchase their over priced products. (i never did) they hire very attractive people to trick people into buying things.

  8. A change in location? Change is good!
    No need for me to check out Dead Sea Kiosk as I won't be needing polishing anytime soon.

  9. he jsut has a sexy dreamy voice that drew Chris over to his kiosk…I think bugin therug liked that voice

  10. You're too young to be retired.

    and if you're feeling down about not doing so much… come clean my house. 😉

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