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The Crayon Song Gets Ruined

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13 thoughts on “The Crayon Song Gets Ruined

  1. Ha I bought a pack of crayons and I found the skin color HA LOL

  2. I have a really old pack of crayons and I still have this one peach crayon that's labeled skin color… Who thought of that, anyways?

  3. This emo crayon is my spirit animal

  4. Anyone notice how the box said semi-toxic?

  5. same,adn fro some reason it also reminds me of a violent emotionless Spok

  6. I ate a shiny rock. Hooray!

  7. Crimson is the best color

  8. i feel bad for jayson

  9. Last part is SO funny like if agree

  10. I Love Matt

  11. if this is the "for kids" version I wonder what the normal one is like

  12. Orange things… like trump.

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