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The Best Tanzanian Food I Have Ever Eaten at Grace Shop

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17 thoughts on “The Best Tanzanian Food I Have Ever Eaten at Grace Shop

  1. Is there any meal you haven't liked mark lol

  2. god,this makes me miss Tanzania so much.I have to get back there some day.I never ate that well when I was there though,it was basic beans and rice most the time.

  3. oyster bay massasani

  4. I'm a big foodie…can't wait to try the food when I get there, thanks!

  5. i really miss my Africa.

  6. wat do u for a living

  7. do you carry Pepto Bismol on ur travel?

  8. Mouthwatering.

  9. btw anyone wonder what TZS is. its tanzania shillings

  10. mark pls reply. are you from tanzania

  11. I plan to visit Tanzania this year 2017, to be exact Dar Salaam, Zanzibar, and mountain Kilimanjaro, I have a Travel YouTube channel called Wayne Boone Travel check it out

  12. Lol can l have some?

  13. Great plate of goodness. Love your vids!!!

  14. thanks to you, I'm ordering a Tanzania jersey. 🙂

  15. Indian cultural export: Kachumbar= Kachubly

  16. u are saying it wrong it is kachubly

  17. Mark you living a life bro… you very good in tasting food hahaa.. you make me hungry haha nice video

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