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The 4 Best Food Trucks in America

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  1. Kiosk

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17 thoughts on “The 4 Best Food Trucks in America

  1. She kit Graham did not create the macaroni and cheese stuffed peppers… I know for a fact we where making them back in 2001 at park bbqs how the hell can she claim she is the first hell there could have been someone way before we did… bloggers defined…fake news or full of shit and never trust a skinny chek…………………………PERIOD

  2. what is the song?

  3. all trucks nominated by women? this video can't be trusted

  4. So delicious I wish I was there right now

  5. 1:14 that stare

  6. 0:25 amateur creampies

  7. Has anyone heard of Cupbop ? #utah

  8. i find it on National Geographic

  9. I agree Wafels and Dinges is amazing but as a New Yorker there is honestly so many amazing food trucks

  10. Ahhhhhhh i want it all!

  11. I have to visit them all good thing where here in NYC

  12. They should've gone more in detail in what made these trucks and their food special.

  13. Those look so good and I will have to try them all…

  14. HellOOOOO?!?! Los Angeles blogger, what about Patty Wagon (BEST MINI BURGERS/SLIDERS)? Lobos (BEST WAFFLE FRIES)? King Kone (BEST ICE CREAM, and I don't even eat dairy)?

  15. What The Fork!

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