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The $12 McDonald’s Burger

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14 thoughts on “The $12 McDonald’s Burger

  1. Thats so cheap for all that food!

  2. Hilarious

  3. here in sweden that casot 100usd ! here it expenecive…

  4. Suprised he didn't die from a heart attack

  5. Hitler dont make good job not every jude is die

  6. Was this really a year and a half ago? I remember this video coming out like it was yesterday

  7. i don't like you

  8. This douche reminds me of one of those hard core degenerate gamblers you see late at night on ESPN.

  9. he has a rly fun sense of humour

  10. If you're like me, that "huge" burger is a snack. And after eating that, I would be up for a whole pizza.

    And no, I'm not morbidly obese, I weigh 120 pounds.

  11. I bet their ice cream machine is still broken tho

  12. its funny cos in australia it would u cost u 30 bucks

  13. Vaya comida basura!!! Lo peor que se esta imponiendo en Europa.

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