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TFL / Incel: Good Job = Women? LOL (2/2)

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3 thoughts on “TFL / Incel: Good Job = Women? LOL (2/2)

  1. It's so true. I had more far more access to pussy while working in fast food surrounded by naive immigrant girls than I do now at my office job. I could've been banging on the lettuce leaves instead of banging my keyboard all day.

    Big man. Got a big job now. Fancy title. And I'm miserable. Everyday I ask myself just who am I trying to impress. It isn't these 30-something, ex-Chad riding careerist women, so who is it all for? I can't answer that question.

  2. my parents met at a bar :DD

  3. like I said in part 1, you can be stupid and rich too. those billionaire guys didn't know how to spend their money, or they just didn't care about looks, and wanted the marriage status.

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