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Tested: We Buy a Bitcoin!

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11 thoughts on “Tested: We Buy a Bitcoin!

  1. its free and sign up !!! 100% working ! 1 clik 500 satoshi

  2. "This is the worst segment we've ever done"

    lol that's worth $1,200 now

  3. Wow, I don't like this ATM. Not only does it take too long, but it requires way too much personal information. The one I've used in Hong Kong just asks you to scan the QR code of the receiving Bitcoin address– no mobile number, no handprint, no other information whatsoever.

  4. A bitcoin is now worth $1273.00 US Dollar (Almost double) soooo they should've kept it xD

  5. Good news! If you kept it, you made $600!

  6. bitcoin shit system is too inconvenient it seems. It also looks like a scam, which most likely it is. Also I notice how bitcoin masterminds are flipping bitcoins on a daily basis making thousands of dollars on false rises and crashes. Looks more like a runescape merching clan to me.

  7. If you had paid the fees…

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  9. 8:43 No Homo I Suppose?

  10. that's how they slowly take cash off street cashless society mark of beast

  11. When tools meet technology.

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