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Tesco: Homeplus Subway Virtual Store (Movie)

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16 thoughts on “Tesco: Homeplus Subway Virtual Store (Movie)

  1. amazon go, can you imagine no standing in line during the holiday shoppings?

  2. now 2th homeplus.                                                                                                                    samsung homeplus (korea IMF 97) -> samsung&tesco homplus -> tesko homeplus.                                                                                                                                       Samsung Shinsegae and CJ Group's various companies, including Samsung Group to buy stake in the Homeplus in Tesco were divided.

  3. wesh c mouloud

  4. Αυτα θα μας φανε οταν ολοι βαριουνται να κουνησουν τον κωλο τους και χωνονται στις πολυθρονες τους!

  5. very nice and exclusive video

  6. c'est de la merde vos vidéos oussama babe aller voir mes videos c'est de la frappe

  7. excellent online grocery shopping concept. #bazaronlines

  8. Las empresas son muy creativas con los códigos QR

  9. Muy buena idea Tesco!

  10. Pretty funny how they consider South Koreans the …"second hardest working people in the world."   Oh really? So, how is "hardest working" measured? By the number of hours in your average work week?
    Does anyone think the average South Korean would change jobs–even for just a week—with the average person in most rural parts of Africa?  Where a typical person might walk 5-10 mile  every day, just carrying WATER for his household?
    Sure, those people are not educated, but it IS "work".

  11. Very ingenuos, nice marketing guys

  12. Does anyone know which subway stop / line this is on? Been living here for close to six years and have not encountered this yet.

  13. amazing.
    this I want it for my region.

  14. obviously this marketing is only applicable to certain first world countries and not third world ones where they most likely do not own a smartphone at all.

  15. yes i like your video

  16. The info would show up on your smartphone after you scan in the QR code.

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