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Tandoori Chicken – Licking These Bones Clean!

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14 thoughts on “Tandoori Chicken – Licking These Bones Clean!

  1. dude ur first expression after eating food is very good

  2. hope you'd like our special dishes in INDIA

  3. mark really has a good expression after eating food even if it bad haha I love mark weins he,s my crush

  4. mark. use both hands it's hard to see you eating only one hand.

  5. when i look at u, i am getting hungry

  6. bro i m from agra …
    i would like to tell u dat u were so close to sadar bazar ..u should have tried bhelpuri of the chaat street there…
    its so spicy and yum dat u cannot resist.
    be sure when u go to agra next time …try dat..
    the way he makes bhelpuri is also very cool…

  7. tandoori chicken plus tandoori roti is the worst combination!!!yukk

  8. You always do that face after you eat…hhaha

  9. rs.150 for that?! omiigosh! i have to eat there. I get half a plate of tandoori for 200..without the roti.

  10. I wish you visit AGRA again, so i could meet you.

  11. His expression is like he is about to cum

  12. Bhayia wo kawwa biriyani hai..

  13. i can eat 10 plates tandoori stuffs.

  14. its looking delicious ilike chicken tandoori

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