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Supermarket Sushi

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11 thoughts on “Supermarket Sushi

  1. Breaking news.
    The master chef bought all sushi from a supermarket to scam and make a profit.
    Ramsey and the case

  2. I actually wait until the sushi man is there or he's there and it's all on display because I know it's fresh at Winn Dixie.. It's actually really good

  3. I don't eat sushi often, but I will stick to a reputable sushi restaurant and NOT the grocery store.

  4. I wonder what camera man looks like

  5. Camera man will u shut up and let hiro talk

  6. how long can it be kept in a convenience store(supermarket)? I want to know about the exp date and manufacture date of these packaged sushi, also onigiri ! Please!!!

  7. sadly, where we live in northern Michigan, the only sushi I can easily lay my chopsticks on is grocery store sushi. I love your videos. Nightly drooling going on here 🙂

  8. I actually like Whole Foods sushi it's pretty good but not the best sushi I've eaten

  9. I have to say this!' but supermarket sushi sucks. I'll stick with fresh sushi from Japanese restaurants. and sushi the way Hiro does them… 🙂

  10. I really like that you all decided to cover this topic and actually explain why the supermarket stuff is inferior. I think anyone who's gone to sushi restaurants has also had an experience grabbing the grocery store stuff when in a pinch for lunch. I can second the whole foods quality. They do a decent job selecting ingredients all around. That Okami stuff is very unappetizing texture, sickening in my opinion.

  11. Never buy sushi from a supermarket. It is not real sushi it is just for the convience and filling you up. Besides that any place that lets sushi sit in a cooler is not a place to get GOOD QUALITY sushi from.

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