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Super nintendo kiosk History

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14 thoughts on “Super nintendo kiosk History

  1. I have one of these.  Got it in 2002, and still don't know much about it.  It's not in the best shape, but the SNES is my favorite console, and I had to have it.  Trying to find more info about it; if the monitor is RGB and if other consoles can hook up to the monitor.  It has a very weird input on the back, like a 9 or 10 pin serial port for the monitor.

  2. Thanks, like it!
    I made a vid of mine gameroom, check it out!

  3. Nice rare SNES Demopod!
    The memories I have in the stores

  4. So badass man, subbed for sure!

  5. Nice video dude! You're right, you do have alot of obscure stuff.

  6. I pay for one….where can i get one ?! 

  7. Hey man send me a pm! Just squired one of these guys and was wondering about the monitor. I got the original one but no picture.

  8. lol you think your jealous now you don"t want me to upload what i have now you we got crazy!!!!

  9. you motherfucker im so jealous

  10. look at this video on youtube called Nintendo Interactive Retail Store Displays it will tell you how to turn down your volume down on your kioska and also do you have the kiosk stand part if you do are you welling to sale it:)

  11. Hey there, great video! I just got one of these myself, not as nice as yours, but still. Anyway, do you know of a way to adjust the volume of the sound on this thing? I can't figure it out for the life of me. Thanks!

  12. I have the really big display pictured here complete

    if you go to google image search for super nintendo kiosk it is the 4th picture

    do you know anything about it the thing is huge and weighs 200 pounds

  13. Has it really been over two decades since I played on one of these at sears???

  14. Very nice kiosk. Thank you for sharing.

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