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Stall Design in 3D max Part-01

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15 thoughts on “Stall Design in 3D max Part-01

  1. hi you have a ies light tutorials

  2. Mr.abishak your tutorials attracted me you are doing well, if a room interior design sample if you do i will be thank of you

  3. please send vray matirial labrary email. tigerawan70@gmail,com

  4. please send vray matirial labrary email. tigerawan70@gmail,com

  5. please send email adress

  6. What A work.. Superb work Sir

  7. hi abhishek can u plz design a bus stop plzzzzzzzzzzz

  8. thank you so much .. ur tutorial is good..
    i will try it for my collage's task

  9. hi, are u freelancer? we r looking for 3D designer to work in Dubai. r u interested. u can visit my website

  10. How much do You Charge :p 
    Just Curious

  11. HI Abhishek, any comments on my below query?

  12. Dear Abhishek,
    Thanks again. Please check this link done by some expert like you. Take video from 49 secs to 1:10 sec and notice how photometric lights create this star or flare like effect. Can you advise what kind of photometric light artist has used here. This is the link

  13. Just subscribed to your channel!

  14. Excellent tutorial. You are awesome Abhishek and I have just seen your first tutorial. I had been looking for something like this, thanks a million.

  15. very good, helpful i will try this ….

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