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Special Pick Up Video #1: $100.00 Sega Saturn Kiosk!!!!

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8 thoughts on “Special Pick Up Video #1: $100.00 Sega Saturn Kiosk!!!!

  1. Amazing, dude. Just subbed. liking your other vids, but which one has the Virtual Boy and Dreamcast lost you mentioned? Can you link it?

  2. I just got my Saturn kiosk. I'm very irritated that mine is missing the plexiglass banner! I'll never be able to replace it!

  3. Great Find

  4. Christ, man! Ive never seen a Saturn kiosk in Michigan ever, and i've been searching for over a decade. Dreamcast kiosks are expensive, probably because so many people wrote the system off when it was around, and a lot were destroyed. Mine cost me an xbox one in trade, but it was well worth it, because I can't walk in to a walmart and buy a dreamcast kiosk. Do not hesitate if you see one.

  5. WOW!! ♥ Thank's for sharing!

  6. Nice love this vid. Cool vid my good man. Me and my son love retro gaming, we love it so much our channel is dedicated to it. If you have the time check it out. Have a great day.

  7. this is incredible, i want this so bad, saturn is my favorite system

  8. What is very funny is that there is one of these for sale in my area for the same price. I have been trying to find a way to fit it into my collection without my fiancee being pissed but no luck. Been on sale for weeks!

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